tactical shotguns and ak-47's for home defense, security, and law enforcement
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Welcome To Shotgun Blasters, Tactical Shotguns, AR, and AK-47's.

From home defense to military/law enforcement, you can own a firearm that defies imagination. Shotgun Blasters builds the most advanced tactical shotguns and AK-47's in the industry to your exact specifications. Full gunsmithing services are available if you want to upgrade/repair your own firearm.

Want a tricked-out AR? No prob! We offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction on all sales and service orders!

Please visit the Carrollton, TX shop or continue your online journey by looking at some of our builds (Shop for Shotguns to your left).

Quality is the first thing seen. Service is the first thing felt. Price is the first thing forgotten.

Shotgun Blasters is a proud member or supporter of the following organizations:
NiteSite Night VisionOwn the darkness with NiteSiteTM night vision!
Shawn BartholomaeMoney Talks! We are honored to have Shawn Bartholomae as a partner and resident financial genius behind Shotgun Blasters.
Shotgun Blasters founder Pat HarringtonWant the story behind Shotgun Blasters? View the fascinating story behind Pat Harrington, founder of Shotgun Blasters.
The Patriot, Ted Nugent gunTHE PATRIOT - Pat Harrington discusses the Ted Nugent gun and The Patriot Project in this video.
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Custom Tactical Shotguns and AK-47's for Home Defense, Law Enforcment, and Security
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Custom tactical shotguns and AK-47's
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